Research at Università Cattolica

Research Quality

Università Cattolica implements its quality policy through design, implementation, monitoring and control actions with the aim of ensuring that all actors involved in the process are aware of their tasks and carry them out in accordance with the defined schedule. These actions ensure that the service provided is effective - by carrying out the quality assurance process according to the requirements of traceability and transparency, and efficient - by defining actions and interventions whose results can be evaluated. In fact, the Quality Assurance (QA) process must allow the University to achieve a tangible improvement, both with reference to the defined objectives and in relation to the tools used to support them.

Responsibility for QA processes at University level is assigned to the University Quality Oversight Unit and to the University's Assessment Team, each for its own areas of expertise.
In order to support the Quality Department and to allow easy integration of the AVA process with the processes in place at the University, the Research Quality Organisational Unit operates within the Research Department, for its own areas of competence.

The research QA process plays a central role in promoting a culture of quality in institutional research, based on a constant drive to improve performance in both quantitative and qualitative terms.