Research at Università Cattolica

Mission and vision

Università Cattolica is an academic community that contributes to the development of studies, scientific research and the preparation of young people for research, teaching, public and private offices and liberal professions.
Università Cattolica fulfils these tasks through adequate higher education, drawing on the principles of Christianity, respecting the autonomy belonging to all forms of knowledge, and following a conception of science placed at the service of the human person and civil coexistence, in accordance with the principles of the Catholic doctrine, the universal nature of Catholicism and its high and specific demands for freedom.

Art. 1 of the Statute thus defines the nature and function of Università Cattolica, as a trendy institution, which shares the aims of scientific research, higher education and professional training with other universities, and at the same time expresses some peculiarities, outlining its specific character and identity, and directing its mission.

In particular, with reference to scientific research activities, Università Cattolica pursues the goal of progress in every field of knowledge, according to the principles of autonomy and specificity of each discipline and in respect of the methodologies of each science. These guidelines are relevant both for planning and evaluation purposes, since the objectives and methods are epistemically determined by the characteristics of the research conducted with respect to the aims of the different disciplinary areas and are therefore diversified both in terms of the type of products and expected results and the evaluation tools to be used. Each research activity is also considered within an integral vision of the human person and the universe, therefore scientific research is always carried out in compliance with the consequent ethical and moral implications, with reference to both the objectives pursued and the methods used.

Furthermore, Università Cattolica is particularly committed to the pursuit of the common good, to be placed at the service of the national and international community; for this reason it pays particular attention to the study of the critical problems of contemporary society, in order to contribute to the identification of the most appropriate and sustainable solutions to such issues as the protection of human dignity and the quality of personal and family life, the protection of nature, the availability of food for all, the promotion of justice for all, a new economic and political order, which favours a more equitable sharing of the world's resources and determines the constant search for peace among peoples and states.

In the light of these intentions, the University aims to address the vast and profound problems that come to the attention of scholars and researchers within a coherent and comprehensive vision, in which the whole contains a surplus of knowledge and value compared to the sum of the parts, the fragments. To reach this objective, Università Cattolica favours the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach of scientific research, through a path that requires a synthesis between the responsible use of the methodologies of empirical sciences and speculative knowledge, up to theology. It also promotes cooperation with other academic and non-academic institutions, both public and private.

In this perspective, the humanistic and social disciplines take on particular importance: alongside the objects belonging to the specific field of investigation, represented by the study of what man has produced of material and immaterial and continues to produce in the newest and most original forms, these disciplines carry out an indispensable work of research into meaning and foundation, within the already mentioned integral vision of the human person. In order to fulfil its institutional aims, while respecting its own identity, Università Cattolica is engaged in the field of theoretical and speculative disciplines, in the field of basic scientific research and in the field of applied research.