Research at Università Cattolica

High Quality Publication Awards 2021

Since 2017, with the aim of enhancing the ability of its professors and researchers to disseminate their research results at the highest scientific level, the University rewards them with Annual "High Quality Publication” Awards. Applications for the awards may be submitted by the authors of the proposed publications who are full or associate professors, permanent researchers, and assistant professor in service. Applicants, and any co-authors, must be VQR compliant. Scientific Committees’ members are not eligible for the submission of application. Each author may propose only one publication, published in the year of submission or within the last three years. The publication must be properly stored in PubliCatt, the University's institutional repository. In the event of an award, the publication may not be resubmitted in subsequent years.
The awarding of prizes is proposed by the Scientific Committees and approved by the University’s governing bodies.